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About Us

Helping kids fulfil their destiny so they can be all God has called them to be!

Redwood Universal long vac and summer camps are packed full of fun!


Our camps and programmes give kids the chance to learn about engineering, science and other cool things through hands-on and interactive activities.

Visit a Redwood Universal camp to embark on a summer of adventures!

Kids will be amazed as they:


  • Study how rollercoasters are made!
  • Learn how to design race-cars!
  • Build robots and speakers!
  • Discover crazy chemical reactions!


Redwood Universal activities…

Are engaging and interactive!
Balance learning and fun!
Develop practical, faith-driven responses to everyday issues!
Hosted by creative and dynamic, Christian professionals!
Are open to ages 8-17!

We help kids learn how to manage everyday issues in a fun, safe, and informative environment, while making a bunch of new friends!