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What We Do
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We want you to be extraordinary, just as God intended! Our aim is to help build your potential so you can fulfill your destiny! Redwood is a Christian company, so God’s word provides the direction for everything that we do.

We do things the unconventional way! Redwood Universal programmes show how fun learning can be!


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STEM, is just a more interesting name for science, technology, engineering and maths. We want to help you discover cool and exciting careers you can have with STEM.

What’s the fuss about STEM?

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Because it impacts our world in so many ways!

An engineer can build race-cars.
Computer skills can produce video games.
Science skills can make you a surgeon.
STEM can invent life-changing technology!


‘Hot’ topics

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We know, that parents don’t always have time to talk to you about everyday stuff. We provide opportunities where you can learn more about everyday issues that are important to you. You will also have the chance to ask questions and receive practical advice on how you should respond with boldness and confidence just as God expects you to!

FUN is the key to all our programmes!