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Ready Study Summer Edition 2018

Our Ready Study Summer edition took place in August, with record numbers of children in attendance!

Over the course of two weeks, children drawn from mix of cultures and local and international schools, honed their study and writing skills, developed their verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills, and got hands-on with STEM, with a variety of fun and practical experiments.

The children also had fun with Scriptures through a range of exciting activities. They learned the importance of giving back to society, and as a result, raised over Ghs 1,000 for charity, through their own bake sale!

Ready Study is a product of Redwood Universal, focusing on the development of study skills, personal development and well-being for children, to help them achieve more!

See Ready Study in action here




Our Business Advisory Board is now in operation!  We are privileged and honoured to have seven consummate and accomplished professionals who were excited about our purpose enough, to join our Business Advisory Board.

Redwood Universal is a young company that stands to benefit, grow and learn from the wealth of experience our Advisory Board members have.  This includes: business development, programme design and management, financial planning and operations.  The Business Advisory Board will also engage the Youth Advisory Board to gain insights and feedback from young people, all aimed at improving the overall performance for Redwood Universal.

 Business Advisory Board members serve for a period of two years.


Our Youth Advisory Board held its first meeting on Saturday 23 June and we couldn’t be more excited!

11 tweenagers and teenagers from a cross-section of both local and international schools, take pride of place on this Board.  They occupy one of the most important positions of governance at Redwood Universal: advising and providing feedback to our Business Advisory Board.

“We can’t have children as the core focus of our business without involving them in the process.  As parents and adults, we naturally believe that we know what’s best for children and in many ways, we do.  However, there are insights about children that only children can provide,” says Carmen Bruce-Annan, Founder of Redwood Universal.  “The Youth Advisory Board will advise how to make our programmes and services more engaging, impactful and useful for children.”

Youth Advisory Board members serve for a period of two years.



Customers can now use a credit or debit card to pay securely for Redwood services online.  The online payment service is available now through the Redwood Universal website.

Online payment has been introduced to give customers more choice and convenience.  “We lead increasingly busy lives and it’s important to maximise our time.  Payments is one such area.  There is no need to divert our time visiting institutions and queuing to make transactions, when we can manage payments wherever we are, with a just a few clicks,” says Carmen Bruce-Annan, Founder of Redwood Universal.  “Technology has made online payments easier all over the world, and there’s no reason why our customers should not have that option.”

Online payments can be made through the ‘Book Now’ section of the Redwood website here.  Once the booking form is completed and the ‘pay online’ option is selected, customers will be automatically directed to the online payment platform.

This complements other payment options available for customers, including mobile money and bank deposits and transfers.


Our first Ready Study progamme for children took place from 9 – 13 April 2018.

Ready Study helps children discover fun ways of learning so they can push themselves further. The programme was attended by 30 children aged 8-15, who were taught subjects including: effective revision strategies, time management, critical thinking, memory techniques, managing stress and the importance of faith in all we do.

This programme is a milestone for Redwood Universal in two ways: it’s our first product launch and the first programme of its kind in Ghana, to combine study skills, personal development and well-being management and techniques for children.

Carmen Bruce-Annan, Founder and CEO for Redwood Universal says: “I realised through my own children, that though they spend lots of time studying for homework and exams, they had no structures or clear techniques to manage their learning. They also needed much more than just studying the raw material to be successful learners; they had to understand other things, including how to manage distractions and plan their time. Taking a step back, I could also see clearly that exam time especially, was a stressful time for children. As parents, we need to recognise what our children go through, and provide them with strategies, tips and techniques that help them succeed. This was the inspiration for the Ready Study programme.”

Redwood Universal is committed to inspiring children to fulfil their destiny, through creating an appetite for STEM, developing thinkers and doers and helping parents to coach and develop their children to be their best.