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A Message to Parents

A personal story from the founder...


I have two daughters and a son. One day I received a phone call from their school principal, one of my children and their class had been misbehaving and asking that I come in to talk to them. I went to the school and addressed their class and I explained to them what, as Christian children, God expects from them. I explained that, as children of God, much is expected from them and I advised them on why and how they could be better – giving them practical tips on how to respond to the issues facing them and how they should respond in similar situations. The Principal was impressed with how I had dealt with the class. She said it was a powerful lesson I had given the children and thought it was something I should explore further.

This is how the concept and approach for Redwood Universal was born.

As a parent myself, I also understand the challenges parents face as our children grow. Too often children are left to deal with social issues on their own, without the right context. As Christian parents, we are called to train our children in the way they must go. That means engaging with them, and coaching them through life’s challenges and experiences so they can reach their full potential. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning, at Redwood Universal.

In my first job after finishing school, I was often asked to join my colleagues for lunches and drinks after work. Because I didn’t approve of their lifestyles, I never joined them. In truth, I barely engaged them in anything. I realise now that they really did not experience the love of God at work in me. And of course, my career there suffered as a result! Now, I understand that being a Christian does not mean shutting myself off from the world; I need to let my light shine!

What we do at Redwood Universal is teach children how to respond to everyday issues with boldness and confidence just as God expects them to!




Our Mission...

Blue Line

God’s children are called to excellence and we want to help them fulfill their potential, so they can be all that God has called them to be! We do this by focusing on STEM and developing soft skills in unconventional ways. Redwood Universal is a Christian company, so God’s word provides direction for everything we do.

STEM is so important in global development and offers children amazing career opportunities. However, children aren’t always energised with STEM because of the way they are taught. Our aim is to get children excited about STEM through innovative hands-on experiences that make them look at science-based careers in a new way.

We’re often busy juggling so much as parents, that we don’t always have the time to engage our children on everyday issues that are important to them. Infact, we sometimes lack the information on these issues ourselves! Yet the absence of having these conversations does not mean that our children aren’t struggling with social issues and a lack of soft skills that will help them function confidently and effectively in their peer groups. Our aim is to provide parents with programmes and initiatives to learn strategies and techniques to help nurture their children. These will dovetail with what we teach the children who attend our programmes, so that both parents and children are on the same page.

Join us at the Redwood Planters Summit!

Redwood Planters Summit, a conference for parents organised by Redwood Universal, takes place on Saturday 8 September 2018 at the Fiesta Royale Hotel in Accra. The Summit, which is free for parents with primary and secondary school children, will run from 9am to 3pm.

The Redwood Planters Summit is an event designed to bring parents together to focus on how they can inspire their children discover their purpose, so they can fulfil their destiny. Parents lead increasingly busy lives, balancing both work and family, and the opportunities to network with other parents to focus on parenting, share problems and discover best practice are rare. The Redwood Planters Summit provides this opportunity and in a relaxed and informal setting.

A panel of local and international experts will lead interactive sessions at the Summit on global trends in education and the resulting implications on both parenting and learning; effective tips and techniques to help parents support their children throughout the academic year, and feedback from children on where they need further support from their parents.

Attendance to the event is free and open to parents of primary and secondary school children. Spaces are limited, so parents who wish to attend, are required to register their attendance. Please note that we cannot admit children because space is limited. The dress code is relaxed and informal.

Register your attendance here or email us at: hello@redwooduniversal.comfor more information. We look forward to meeting you!

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