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Redwood Campus

Welcome to Redwood Campus!

What it is

It’s time for Africans to impact the world. It is a global market and the next generation must be ready!

STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) offers students the most rewarding careers. However, a lack of practical and thrilling STEM experience means that many African students are not choosing STEM subjects after age 16, and as a result, are missing out on exciting and fulfilling careers. Our aim is to get them excited about STEM in a way that inspires them to improve their academic performance and build STEM careers. Employers increasingly want to recruit well-rounded individuals and we are passionate about helping African students develop soft skills and life skills that help them compete with the best.

Redwood Universal offers the only bespoke summer camp preparing students to take their place as proud and successful Africans. This year, we are proud to launch our bespoke Redwood Campus international summer programme, at the prestigious Kingham Hill School, and we have teamed up with the award-winning Oxford Royale Academy, for Redwood Campus on the campuses of the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and St Mary’s School at Ascot!

‘Redwood Campus’ is a tailor-made programme for African students, with a blend of practical and theoretical STEM experience, analytical skills, life skills, career coaching and field trips designed to help the African child compete in an increasingly global market.

What parents say about Redwood

“My children attended the Ready Study programme. They talked about so much when they got home! They learned new concepts and subjects and enjoyed making new friends.”


“I definitely recommend Redwood. Their programmes are well organised. I am happy with the way they teach children to apply concepts and to think outside the box.”